Agriculture & Natural Resources


Agriculture and Natural Resources’ main goal is to meet the educational needs of our community by providing resources on subjects such as plant life, animal life, soil, water and air in order to properly provide the right renewable and non renewable natural resources. The Matagorda County Agriculture and Natural Resources program focuses on improving and maintaining agriculture, crop and animal practices while addressing issues such as environmental impacts whiten our community, crop production, water maintenance such as contamination or accessibility, and natural resources management.

Matagorda County’s Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Program provides consultation and educational programs in the areas of livestock, crops, weed and brush management, grazing and forage production, water and soil testing, emergency management, feral hog eradication, and new land owner education.

The Extension Agent also provides certification training for the Texas Department of Agriculture, Private Pesticides Applicator License. Several re-certification opportunities (CEU Credits) are also made available through the Matagorda County Extension Office for TDA License holders.



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